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Shrewsbury Flower Festival 9th and 10th August

My-magnets will be at the Shrewsbury Flower Show Friday and Saturday, 

Had a great show 2012 so looking forward to another successful one this year.

Great town to visit and show held in a lovely park full of beautiful gardens.

Written by Dorothy Jenkins — August 06, 2013

The Mail on Sunday August 4th 2013 Trial on Magnetic Knee Wrap

Wraparound Knee Magnet helps end misery of Twitchy Leg

My-magnets have been selling this product for the last two years with great success, so it was good to see a written article about a study done by Dr Nyjon Eccles at the Hale Clinic in London.

The Trial showed that pain, twitching and tingling was reduced by 50%

By comparison, just 20% of users said drugs offered relief.

Studies suggest there may be an improvement in circulation and a calming of the nerve signals

Written by Dorothy Jenkins — August 06, 2013

Nottingham Riverside Festival

Looking forward to the 3 day show at the annual ' Nottingham Riverside Festival,'

Fri.2nd, Sat 3rd & Sun 4th August 2013

Late night opening.

Lots to do and see for all the family



Written by Dorothy Jenkins — July 31, 2013

News about Magnetics


Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

DVT also known as economy class syndrome is killing around 1200 British airplane passengers a year according to scientists. Long haul flights are causing life threatening blood clots because of cramped conditions, however, a recent ruling by the High Court in London rejects any airline liability.

DVT stems from the formation of blood clots in the veins of the calf proving deadly if these blockages break and travel to the lungs consequently restricting the flow of blood.

It is caused by sitting down for hours, however doctors are unsure if the condition is worsened by air travel. The condition shows no symptoms but many passengers develop pain or leg tenderness weeks after flying and do not link it with their journeys.

According to a recent report 10 passengers on a long haul flight are at risk of DVT and it is not just the elderly or ill. Cramped conditions, long periods of inactivity and dehydration can all lead to a slowdown in circulation which can lead to DVT.

Our advice is to make sure you move around as much as possible on airline journeys to maintain the blood circulating the body. Studies have shown that using a magnetic wrap around your body will aid a healthy amount of oxygen to the blood.

We can supply a good quality product that will help on all journeys especially aircraft where you are generally restricted in your movement.

British Medical Journal Report

Magnetic bracelets worn by thousands to relieve arthritis really work a study of sufferers suggests. The gadgets which cost between £30 and £50 significantly reduce pain if the magnetic field is strong enough, the research shows. They were tested by medical experts commissioned by the Arthritis Research Campaign to try to decide conclusively whether they were genuinely effective or a marketing gimmick.

Researchers used 194 patients aged 45 to 80 who had osteoarthritis of the hip or knee. Some were given a a standard strength magnetic bracelet, others a weak one, and the rest a dummy version with no magnetism at all. The researchers found pain was significantly reduced in the patients wearing the standard bracelet compared to the dummy one. There was little difference between the group wearing weak magnets and those wearing the dummy magnets, says a report on the study in today's British Medical Journal. The analysts from the Penisula Medical School, Plymouth said they could not explain the effect. Some doctors suggest an imbalance in the body's magnetic field can lead to pain and disease, and that an electric current produced by bracelets somehow improves circulation. Around 760,000 people in the UK suffer from osteoarthritis, making three million visits a year to GP's for the condition.

Manufacturers claim the bracelets can reduce pain in a variety of conditions, but research has proved contradictory, with some studies showing pain reduction and others reporting no effect at all. The researchers concluded that magnetic bracelets were clinically useful, but higher strength magnets were necessary. They said taking painkillers such as paracetamol costs at least £20 a year and might cause side effects. Larger investigations should now test the safety of magnets relative to the well known risks of analgesics they added. They said the bracelets should be used to supplement treatments already being taken by sufferers, rather than replacing them. a spokesman for the Arthritis Research Campaign said "Results appear to show that they do reduce pain in people with with hip and knee osteoarthritis although it is still unclear how. As they are quite cheap and safe, people with osteoarthritis might want to consider wearing them as part of their self-help regime"





Written by Dorothy Jenkins — July 31, 2013

Penrith Show, Cumbria

Looking forward to the Penrith Show selling my Magnetic Jewellery, heard very good reports of previous years shows success, so had to be there this year @Penrithshow 2013


Written by Dorothy Jenkins — July 23, 2013

Warners Northern Motorhome and Caravan Show

Will be selling my Magnetic Jewellery in the Peter Fox Craft Marquee at The Warners Northern Motorhome and Caravan Event at the Cheshire Showground, Knutsford.

!9th -21st July

Great weather forecast, great show.

Written by Dorothy Jenkins — July 17, 2013

Bitcoins now accepted

Bitcoins now accepted, please click through to our Checkout and select Bitcoin as a payment method.

London Yoga show @yogashow

Going to be @yogashow 24th 25th & 26th October....See you there.

Edible Garden show

Exhibiting at The Edible Garden Show, Alexandre Palace, London Friday 28th - Sunday 30th March May just see Prince Charles and Camilla on their visit hopefully at my stand M20...